since 1977 the DOP wines of Cilento


The Marino family has been cultivating for generations, in Agropoli, an authentic passion for wine, in full respect of nature and the rules it imposes, the only way to follow faithfully to achieve truly excellent results.
It was in the 1970s that Lorenzo Marino, a surveyor, following an innate vocation for viticulture, began the production of wines with fine grapes obtained from his own vineyards in Moio in Agropoli, the tourist pearl of Campania. Thus was born, in 1977, the Azienda Agricola Marino and after three years the first "Fonte del Saraceno" wine was bottled, a red table wine made from Aglianico grapes.
Lorenzo Marino had no difficulty in transmitting his passion for nature and wine to his son Raffaele, as the latter, from an early age, already felt a strong bond with the land and often accompanied his father through the vineyards and during the harvest. . Today, Raffaele proudly leads the family business which extends over 25 hectares; his life is dedicated with love and above all with enviable experience to the land and wines as a magnificent expression of him. In the business, he is assisted by the entire family: his wife Assunta, their three children Lorenzo, Francesco and Raffaele jr.
For decades, therefore, the Marino farm has been one of the most authentic and healthy expressions of Cilento entrepreneurship, strong in a consolidated tradition and constantly committed to enhancing the best local wines of Campania. In 2016 the company joined the organic farming program.

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