since 1977 the DOP wines of Cilento


The Marino Company is an obligatory reference for anyone who is passionate about wines and decides to spend their holidays in Cilento or is simply passing through the beautiful Mediterranean areas between Agropoli and Paestum. A visit to the exclusive cellars, a walk through the vineyards, and above all a quiet stop to taste the DOP wines by Marino and combined with the typical products of the area, will abundantly repay the journey made by giving pleasant sensations of taste in a truly hospitable climate. Cheeses, cured meats, seasonal vegetables, bruschetta with genuine extra virgin olive oil of own production, and other delicacies to delight the palate, in symbiosis with fine wines. In each meeting, guests will be professionally guided by the Marino family and will thus be able to broaden their knowledge of the world of wine. There are numerous groups of tourists, especially Europeans and Americans who have been visiting the company for many years.

discovering Cilento